The excitement of festivals and competitions in Lombok and Sumbawa that you can’t miss

Lombok and Sumbawa is Indonesia tourist destinations that cannot be missed. Natural charm and also the excitement of festival events at the same time the race was held almost every month to make a visit to this area is increasing.

Well, for the sake of getting 4 million visits from the traveller, would have about 18 events in Lombok and Sumbawa year 2018. His appearance varies, ranging from event sport-tourism, festival tradition, religion, until a massive vacation package discounts. What and when aja aja? Yuk, refer to the full schedule!

Event {beginning} year

“Lombok Marathon” which will be held on January 28, became a speaker series events in Lombok and Sumbawa year 2018. There will be a five-race, i.e. a full marathon, half marathon, ekiden marathon relay four, 10 k, and 5 k.

The race is run for the prize of 500 million dollars! Participants are also not the responsibility-responsibility. More than 10 countries participating in the Lombok Marathon, like Japan, Germany, the United States, Kenya, Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, and much more.

The month of February would be two events in Lombok and Sumbawa, Lombok Sumbawa i.e. “Great Sale” and “Stinking Nyale Festival Charm.” Lombok Sumbawa Great Sale will be held during the month. In this event, kaliam would find discount gede-gedean for tickets, tour packages, and souvenirs.

The Festival’s charm Smell Nyale already held on 20 February 2018. Bau nyale festival is inspired by natural events and immortalized in legend the daughter of Mandalika. Princess Mandalika is a wise woman Idol guy in his day. The series of the festival include the parade tradition, culture catch nyale (marine worms), the electoral Princess rink Mandalika, and colossal drama appearances and their dances as the ultimate event.

Further, the month of April 2018 there will be a “Tour de.” 2.2 classification UCI bicycle race has been held on 5-9 April 2018. 9-11 date April 2018 and then there is also the “charm of the Tambora” held special to commemorate the terrible eruption of Mount Tambora 1815 years. On the charm of Tambora there will be coffee, horse racing festivals, marches tradition of Arts and culture, the appearance of Sumbawa Island, as well as the Summit held April 11, 2018 at Doro Ncanga, Dompu Regency.

The central event of the year

In the month of may, there were three important events. First, the repository 29 naval vessels from 42 countries wishing to join the “Komodo Exercise” in Lombok, on 4-9 May 2018. Second, the “100” in the form of Rinjani race distance run in the area of Mount Rinjani. Held 4-6 May 2018, a race run was followed by runners from 18 countries! Third, the middle of Lombok’s society May welcome Ramadan with deploying “Cache Ramadhon Charm.”

The series of events still continues. In July there were international paragliding Championships Manchester, “Mantar Paragliding.” This race has been taking place from the 15th till the 18th of July Engadget. The year 2017 yesterday, Mantar Paragliding paragliding pilots followed up to 40 from 14 countries, including Indonesia.

Nearing the end of the year

On 18 August to 16 September 2018, Lombok will be more festive with a “Moon Charm Lombok-Sumbawa.” Then there’s “Festival of charm Moyo” for a month (10 September to 8 October 2018). In September there will be a “Sail Saleh-Moyo-Tambora” (12-20 September 2018) as well as the “Festival of Senggigi Charm” (16-20 September 3018).

November is a time “Rinjani Golf Tournament,” “the charm of the Village,” and “Festival Lawata.” Closing the series of events in Lombok and Sumbawa year 2018, in December 2018 Lombok again deploying War Topat, that Lombok harmony celebration, which consists of people of Islam and Hinduism, with the excitement of War Wave.

Loads of ‘ kan events in Lombok and Sumbawa year 2018? So don’t hesitate make second visit the island. Every month there is a festival would be able to see you guys. Guaranteed and will not be disappointed certainly!