The Earthquake Did Not Drag Lombok Tourism Investment

Some time ago the West Nusa Tenggara Lombok rocked by earthquake of 7 on the Richter scale (SR) which resulted in the death toll to reach hundreds of people and thousands of others wounded. On the other hand the earthquake indeed had any worries some sectors affected and one of them is tourism investment, however Menpar Arief Yahya guarantee will not be too influential.

Tourism Minister Yahya Arief mentions the impact of the earthquake will have no effect significantly to tourism investment, it is evident from the Special Economic Region Development (KEK) Mandalika that we just got the investment fund worth US $1 billion.

Development of tourism Indonesia PT (Persero) or Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) recently signed a MEMORANDUM of UNDERSTANDING on cooperation of Master Land Utilization and Development Agreement (LUDA) investor holding Vinci Construction Grands Projets (VCGP) worth US $1 billion for the development of tourism investment in Lombok.

These funds will be used for the construction and development of integrated sports and entertainment district on 131 ha land in the KEK Mandalika.

Tourism becomes one of the investment potential that try to keep dikembangak the Government as a new sector to earn State revenue apart from mining. Tourism believed would be one of mine recently for Indonesia, let alone Indonesia have areas with tourism potential to sell, not to mention some of the policies and programs of the Government tourism pro should be utilized as best possible.

Although the investment will not be disrupted by the earthquake in Lombok, but definitely do indeed result in a decrease of foreign and local tourists visit in Lombok. But Arief Yahya predict recovery after the earthquake and revamping some of the damaged infrastructure affected by the earthquake will all be recovered.

“We have to help each other so that the restore process pascagempa services more quickly,” he added.

To date there are already 15 countries that issued travel advice to Lombok. Fifteen of the country is France, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, Canada, China, Australia, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, and Switzerland.