Original investors Bali Fishing sector investment in Ambon

The Fisheries Agency of the city of Ambon became the partner of one of the original Investors in the field of investment execution of Bali fishing with mambangun clod storage in empty land will be provided around the fishing port (PPI) Nusaniwe Subdistrict, Eri, city of Ambon.

Investment cooperation projects are planned in the near future will be made of the meetings in order to discuss in more detail and bebarengan with the signing of a Memorandum Of Understanding (Mou) cooperation.

“Original Balinese Investors engaged in catching squid so their fleet while in Bali want moved to the city of Ambon and transferred later here” said Plt. The head of the Fisheries Agency of the city of Ambon, Steven Patty offered from menaranews.com.

Later aka squid ship 100 tones, owned by Investor origin of Bali and planned to be leaning on the PPI Eri to use as shelter squid catches. In addition the consideration used include short distance definitely will hit operating costs are cheaper.

“Investors are the origin of Bali take PPI Eri as a shelter due to the arrest of more area close to the city of Ambon,” Petty said.

This cooperation is expected to benefit Native revenue (PAD) of the city of Ambon. In addition if employment increases will definitely show up absorption of labor workers. Is arguably very profitable if it could run smoothly.

Labor absorption of this investment if calculated starting from HER older ships for 1 ship Squid can reach 40 people, if you have 100 ships Squid can reach 4000 calculated absorption of manpower emerging from one business sector. Yet if calculated from outside ranging from logistical needs and all other purposes then the other business sectors will be moved and this could be one of the driving force of the economy in Ambon.

Investment indeed becomes important for every region in Indonesia, the potential areas that haven’t been fullest tergarap due to limited development fund enclosed with aka then able to attract investment to enter and conduct mutually beneficial cooperation.